Got Interviews, Meetings, Discussions, Dictations to Transcribe?
Need quick turnaround and high accuracy voice transcription services? Can't decide which transcription service to choose? What to look for in a transcription provider? Tech-Synergy voice transcription service is here to help. We cater to all your medical, legal, business, general and academic transcription needs. Contact us to try us free and see how we can help. Our team of over 300 experienced transcribers will ensure that you get good quality transcript on time, every time. With our 24 X 7 X365 operations and friendly customer service, you will never be stranded. If it is audible, we will type it for you.
Audio Transcription services for variety of your needs
   1.  Discover the Difference
Answer : Discover why 1000s of our satisfied users rave about our transcription service. With our easy to use transcription service, converting your audio/video files to text documents is just a few clicks away. Whether it is a medical dictation or a interview, be it a conference call or teleseminar, our experienced transcription team will deliver quality transcripts every time.
   2.  Voice Transcription Rates
Answer : We can price the transcripts per word, per line, per minute or even per report. It all depends on your requirements. Our transcription price starts at just a dollar per audio minute making it one of the most affordable transcription solutions. Compare that to over $2 per audio minute or over 1.50 cents per word for most other transcription services. That's a saving of 50%.
   3.  Key Features of transcription Service
Answer : * Free Trial * Online Sign up * No Contracts * Custom templates * Many formatting options * File transfer using email, web, FTP * Dial in dictation * Available 24x7x365 * Expedited Delivery available * Corporate and bulk discounts * Credit card billing * Website with full tracking * Secure and Confidential
   4.  Areas of Transcription Expertise
Answer : We transcribe all types of audio and video files including: * Dictation Transcription * Interview transcription * Lecture Transcription * Seminars Transcription * Focus Group Transcription * Podcast Transcription * Blog Talk Transcription * Conference Call Transcription * Voice Mail Transcription * Medical transcription * Legal Transcription If it is audible, we will type it for you. .
Speech to text transcription services
Stringent Quality Control & Accurate Transcription
Our Audio transcription process monitoring mechanism helps in delivering accurate and quality transcript. The process is defined so that there is continuous monitoring/tracking of the process as well as the transcript. A team of experienced, trained audio transcriptionists assures and audits the quality of each and every transcript resulting in accurate transcripts for you each and every time.
Secure and Confidential
We take great pride and ethical responsibility and commitment to safeguard client data privacy throughout our transcription process ensuring strict adherence our confidentiality policy. We will sign and NDA with you if required.
Flexible Turnaround Times
Our Voice transcription team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Same day turnaround times are available upon request
Dictating Options
We offer multiple ways for you to send us your dictation files either via toll-free telephonic dictation platform, or via a handheld dictation device using our secure website or FTP.
Transcript Formatting Options
We can format the transcripts according to your specifications using your templates and letterhead. Moreover, we can interface with your current systems or login remotely to your computer system and put the transcripts in there.
Technology with an edge
Our audio transcription service can integrate seamlessly with your current information systems. We guarantee smooth transitions for our transcription customers.
Support & Account Management
Each client/account has been provided with a dedicated account service manager, working closely with the administrative office, the transcription teams, IT personnel, and management. Our account managers help in your training and walking you through the process, creating customized templates, discuss macros, and are available whenever required to solve your queries. A 24/7/365 friendly and dedicated technical support personnel is available just a couple of clicks away through email or by toll-free telephone.
Cost-effective Competitive Pricing
Our audio transcription service blends quality, turnaround time, and pricing to give you an unmatched cost-effective quality audio transcript. You can save as much as 40-60% on transcription costs!

We also offers special discounted and monthly retainer programs for high volume accounts as well as for large accounts. We use a client-centric billing module which is to look after your interest first!

High Quality of Audio Transcripts
All our Transcriptionists and Proofreaders are University graduates with excellent command over English. They all go through an intensive training program. In addition, we have specialist teams for technical and other specialty work. After initial transcription, a proofreader listens to the entire file and reads the transcript word for word, correcting any typos, unclear words, errors or omissions. The resulting transcript is proof-read again by a senior proof-reader before it is finalized. The final transcript thus goes through the eyes and ears of three separate people before it reaches you and as a result of this 3-Step process, you receive a very high quality, publication ready transcript.
We use cutting edge technology to ensure consistently high quality conversion of your audio/video to text output. We have ability to send and receive files by FTP. We can deliver transcripts in a variety of formats like doc, text, pdf and can deliver the transcripts in a variety of ways including email, secure web-site and CD-Rom. We are capable of handling any kind of audio/video cassette, CDs, DVDs and other digital files including aac, avi, dss, mov,mp3, mp4, wav, wma and many more digital formats.
Value Added Services
We provide a variety of value added services at little or no additional cost like creating downloadable pdf versions and uploading it to your website or ftp sites. We can include timestamps in the transcript which will enable you to reference the corresponding location in the audio. Or better yet, we can create synchronized transcript where clicking on the transcript will take you to the corresponding segment of audio/video file or actually do a close captioning for the video. We can also create php versions or actual web pages and put those transcript php pages on to your website. So let us know your requirements.
We provide a variety of flexible pricing options depending on the sound quality, number of speakers and the turnaround time required for the transcripts. We generally charge per audio minute and our prices start from $1 per audio minute. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will be glad to work with you to create a custom solution for your transcription needs.
Audio to Text Conversion
* Podcast transcription
* Business meeting transcription
* Teleseminar transcription
* Conference call transcription
* Interview transcription
* Focus group transcription
* Church Sermon transcription
* TV show transcription
* Oral History transcription
* Earnings calls transcription
* Thesis interview transcription
* Seminar transcription
* Lecture transcription
* Market Research transcription
Free Trial
We are so confident of our service that we offer free pilot project to help you evaluate the advantage of working with us. Please contact us with your requirements and for a Free trial offer.


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